Now is not the time

To buy new phones

Okay so MWC is about to kick off right at the end of February ! Which means that everyone who is anyone is expected to launch a bunch of new phones. Which will be available in the coming weeks and months. The list includes flagships from the likes of Samsung galaxy S8/Edge and the LG G6 !! Others companies like Sony Huawei Xiaomi and maybe even Nextbit will launch phones in a slew of price ranges and categories.

However, the galaxy s8 and the g6 are the ones to look out for. Galaxy S8 for example will be the first big launch good Samsung after the whole note 7 fiasco, and it is expected that Samsung will go all out on it’s flagship ! Improving on all the aspects where the S7 lacked. Expect the latest and greatest Snapdragon 835 and its exynos equivalent processors coupled with gobs of ram ! Faster storage better camera new UI and AI ! And a phone which doesn’t catch fire.

Next up is LG the company which made big bets on modularity with the G5 and failed miserably. The company needs to recover from the losses, so expect an all out effort from LG as it try compete and outpace Samsung this time around.

What about the Pixel that I want to buy now ?

Well chances are that even after the launch of the new flagships and mid rangers, last year’s phones will still be pretty good and those phones will get even better when they will be sold for lower prices as new models arrive !

So wait till MWC before you buy a phone.


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