Nowadays everyone has more than one computing device. Be it your desktop, laptop, smartphone, 2-1 PC or a tablet, everyone of us use at least a couple of this devices together in tandom. And everyone needs a good browser to surf the internet ! this leads to a problem. A problem which pocket solves in the most simplistic of ways. I for one use Edge on my pc and chrome on my phone. Which as you can guess makes it really difficult for me keep track of my bookmarks ! I mean did save that article on my pc or phone ?

Pocket solves that problem by creating extension for popular browsers like firefox and chrome, in fact it is a built in feature in firefox !


It simply adds a button called save to pocket, by just clicking that button the page which you are currently on will be bookmarked and saved to pocket. Which can then viewed from any device that has the pocket app and is logged in with your pocket account.



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