Simplenote !

It is the new note taking app which I have just started using on my pc and my phone. Like it’s name suggest Simplenote note is dead simple, it is uncomplicated and does what it’s name states takes note in text. It does not support all the fancy or bloaty features of Evernote and Onenote. Features like support for media files, web clippings, or email integration are just not there. Heck it does not even have any text formatting in app on any of the OSes it supports !


Pin Notes

However, these omissions make this simple free app preferable. And it also has some features like the ability to tag notes or pinning notes to make them accessible. Also it has wicked fast search results which other more feature rich note taking apps lack. It also has a nifty dark mode for it’s apps which I just love ! That along with a time line like feature which allows the user to restore a a previous version of the note if you accidently delete it.

Timeline Scrubbing


 To sum it up:

The reason why I love this app is because I want a clutter free as close to hand written notes experience as possible ! And if you also want the same experience then simplenote is the perfect note taking app for you.


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