Advanced web apps !

Yesterday I was tinkering with my phone. And decided to uninstall Facebook twitter and messenger from my phone. These apps were sipping through my battery life like crazy.

Uninstalling them solved by battery drainage problem. However it lead to a new problem, everyone who is anyone uses Facebook messenger or twitter. So now I had to think of a way to connect with them without using those battery drainers !

For messenger the solution was quite simple. Use the other better messaging app by Facebook known as Whatsapp. And as for the other two I decided to use the age old websites instead of the apps. It was in my browser that I discovered that I the twitter app without installing the app.

When I was in the twitter mobile site, a notification poped up asking me whether to pin the app to home screen. By agreeing to the notification I discovered a new twitter app ! A app which did not consumed any extra storage ! Gave me almost all the functionalities in an identical design ! It was the advanced web app by twitter. Which if you take my word is better than the app. As for Facebook I will have to use their site until they make their site a web app.



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