8 things to expect in the galaxy S8 !

1. Better camera both of them

Lets start with the obvious one.Expect better cameras both in front and rear !
 2. All edge
Chances are that Samsung will ditch the bland version in the S series and go all in on the edge !
3. Bezel what?
Expect minimum bezel as it is the new cool !
4. No home button
As Samsung focuses on minimizing the bezels, it is expected that the iconic trio of buttons on the galaxy will not make an appearance.
5. Latest greatest processor
It is the expected change. Samsung should pack the S8 with the latest and greatest arm processor available in the market !
6. USB C
It was absent from S7 last year, so it only seems logical for Samsung to embrace the future and pack the latest port on their latest phones !
7. No flames
After the note 7 fiasco ! Samsung should step up game in safety and make sure your phone does not catch fire !
8. Bixby AI
To conclude, Samsung recently bought an AI from the creators of Siri, thus expect Samsung to bring a new competitor to the crowded ‘Assistant’ market.

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