Lumia 520 still use able ?

Lumia 520 the phone which single handedly made WindowsPhone relevant and made the OS viable as a third place alternative to Android and IOS. But that was way back in 2013 ! When Nokia was making excellent hardware, dual core processors were all the rage and selfie were just becoming a thing. A lot has changed since then we now have Octa Core Processors. Nobody talks about ram in Megabytes and 4 Gigabyte is the new norm in terms of ram memory. Not only that the company which made the Lumia 520 ‘Nokia’ was dead and was bought by Microsoft and has resurrected again to make android phones, the Operating System which powered the Lumia 520 is also dead. And is now replaced by Windows Mobile 10. All this changes raises the question can the Lumia 520 still be used in this day and age ? Well I am here to answer that question for you !


In a series of upcoming articles I will be talking about the Lumia 520 as my daily driver for a whole week !!! #StayTuned



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