Best Podcast App on Windows !

If you happen to own a Windows 10 device and want to listen to podcast. Chances are you use Apple’s old and clunky iTunes or just using your browser ! Which really is not any fun. However there is a place in your PC or Phone called the Store !


In the store you can find apps which are secure, better looking and use less resources ! And in the store you can find an app called Grover Podcast. There are two version of the app available. I use the free version, while there is also a pro version available with added benefits.


The free version does the job well enough for me, but I suggest buying the app if you like it to help the developer.


Now to the app !


The free version has two modes dark and light and that is all you get in terms of personalization.

The App looks beautiful and is really stable ! It is also feature rich allows you to download podcasts, create a play list and all that. The App uses the iTunes library for your podcasts, which means that there are high chances that you will likely find the podcast you want here. The app allows you to increase the speed of playback and cast the podcast to other devices !


And all this come at a price of $3 if you decide to pay for it !


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