Key One !

Blackberry along with it’s brother in arm and the manufacturer TLC are set to make a comeback. The device which has been tasked the job to fuel the comeback is known as the Key One ! It is a classic blackberry phone with a keyboard and decent specs with a twist. It runs android and the latest version at that. Although it has the keyboard to differentiate it self from the ocean of android phones in the market, it is likely to be doomed from the launched !

In a world where the premium phone market is dominated single handedly by Apple with little room for Samsung, Blackberry seems to be following the footsteps of HTC another company whose phone was doomed from the word go ! Reason for this damnation is quite simple it is the price of these phones ! While HTC could point to spec sheet of it’s One 10 as an excuse for the high price. Blackberry cannot even do that !

The suicidal price tag of $549 for the entry model which is basically a mid-range smartphone and is powered by the Snapdragon 625, found in phone which cost less than half the price of the Key One, and the meager 3GB ram which is half of the lesser priced One Plus 3T ! The only excuse Blackberry has for the price is the security. Which it say’s is the best in the business, but it is unlikely to attract any customer.


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