How to reset ?

Recently I have been trying any universal app I could get my hands on. And in the process I have came across many problems ! The biggest one was when Groove blanked out on me and showed me none of my songs. The only out of this situation seemed liked would be re-installing Windows or giving up on this terrific music player and look for alternatives!

Luckily just when I was about to lose hope, a solution came to me. So, while messing with the settings app in frustration I found a way to reset specific apps. And in this lengthy and boring post I am gonna show you guys (my tiny reader base) how to do that. So lets start:

  1. First Open the settings app and go to system settings.


2.Now that you are in the system settings go to apps and features !settings-3_3_2017-8_01_31-pm_li3.Now just find the app you are having trouble with. For me it was Groove.

Left clicking on that App will reveal options which will include ‘advanced option’, left click on that.


4.Now all you have to do is press the reset button and Viola ! Your App should be as good as new.settings-3_3_2017-8_01_47-pm_li


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