I am back !

I would like to begin by apologizing to my handful readers for being invisible for the past few months. The reason why I was invisible was because my pc broke down and I had to buy a new one. While doing so I realized something, Crypto mining a new trend in the tech community has … Continue reading I am back !


Will be back soon

In the past month I have posted nothing on my blog which promises to be your place everyday tech. The reason for that would be my PC breaking down and exams which are just around the corner. So I will not be posting any post through out June and even half of July. Hopefully things … Continue reading Will be back soon

Google can help you to decide how your phone looks !

Google has put together a new online tool called Taste Test to help you decide how your phone will look like. It suggests what wallpaper icon packs and launcher you can use according to your preferences based on a bunch of rapid fire questions. It however includes gboard Google's keyboard every single time ! Suggesting … Continue reading Google can help you to decide how your phone looks !